cesar bohorquez

Exhibition/event “ANGELI_Presenze d’Amore e di Luce.”

On Friday, May 10th, at 5:30 PM, at the Antica Filanda of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Monza, the Association Cenacolo dei Poeti e Artisti di Monza e Brianza, with the participation of VitaWorld and Forum Donne Ucraina, inaugurated the exhibition/event “ANGELI_Presenze d’Amore e di Luce.”

This event ran from May 10th to 16th, 2024, coinciding with an important global celebration in May: the UNESCO International Day of Light on May 16th, 2024. The exhibition showcased the transcendental meeting Art. Angels, as figures of Light and projections of divine Love, were presented as supernatural beings connecting Earth and Heaven, humans and God.

Cesar Bohorquez whit Massimiliano Longo

The façade of the Antica Filanda was adorned with the installation “FLOWERS FOR PEACE,” featuring white flags painted with flowers by Ukrainian women and children during Art Therapy workshops by VitaWorld, in collaboration with Forum Donne Ucraina. This symbolized an offering of flowers to the Madonna, praying for world peace.

In the ground floor rooms, visitors admired works by 14 artists and 2 photographers, including the Colombian artist Cesar Bohorquez, and read poems by 9 poets interpreting the theme of Angels and divine Light. The audience was deeply engaged and prompted to reflect.

Upstairs, large panels faithfully reproducing pages from the illuminated Bible of Borso d’Este, displayed on satin, were exhibited thanks to Aldo Ramazzotti. The program included meetings with artists and photographers, poetic recitations related to the theme of Light, and a conference on the Borso d’Este Bible by Aldo Ramazzotti.

On Saturday, May 11th, at 9 PM, the LIGHT EVENT took place, conceived by Architect Elisabetta Bosisio, registered with UNESCO’s International Day of Light. This collective event aimed to recreate the “TREE OF LIFE” through a HUMAN CHAIN OF LIGHT. The public was invited to participate.

The Tree of Life, a universally recognized symbol found in many ancient cultures, represents the connection of the three fundamental space-existential dimensions: the underworld (roots underground), the human natural world (trunk), and Heaven (the crown reaching upwards). It is also described as “Jacob’s Ladder” (Genesis 28), where angels and human awareness continuously ascend and descend. The event hoped to inspire a spiritual reconnection between Heaven and Earth, fostering the end of earthly conflicts.